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Below, you will find summaries of our expertise in a diverse range of industries.

save valuable time and resources

There are many complex accounting and reporting requirements governing charities and not-for-profit organisations. Our specialist advisors can guide you through the maze, helping your organisation to save valuable time and resources.

Some of the areas where we can help you include:

  • Accounting and taxation services
  • Financial planning and management strategies
  • VAT
  • Payroll Giving
  • Audit and risk management
  • Business planning
  • Cashflow management and budget planning
  • Outsourcing
  • Fundraising
  • Charity Commission and SORP compliance


We’re familiar with the financial issues that can affect the education sector, both state and private. We work with a wide variety of educational establishments including: charities, independent schools, academies and special schools. With so much experience, we are able to tailor our service to your particular circumstances.

A lot of experience

A substantial amount of our clients are in the hospitality sector. This industry is constantly changing, and there are the copious legal and financial regulations that must be adhered to. Here at Fraser Russell, we understand the demands and opportunities of this sector and can provide sound business assistance and guidance based on our acquired knowledge.

As well as providing the rudimentary accounting and compliance services, we can also help your business with:

  • Comprehensive tax and VAT advice
  • Information on alternative financing, equity and debt management
  • Business planning and advice

Robust Systems

The medical profession faces many complex industry-specific accounting and tax issues, and it is now more important than ever to have in place robust systems for managing both your finances and your practice.

We have the experience and the expertise to meet your needs, including an understanding of areas such as NHS reimbursements; accounting for income from various sources (including private work and hospital PAYE work); partnership arrangements; and specialist tax planning issues.

We also offer expert advice in the following areas:

  • Preparation of business and personal accounts
  • Setting up a new practice
  • Considering incorporation
  • Developing your practice
  • National Insurance Contributions
  • VAT
  • Business expense advice
  • Claiming the relevant benefits and allowances
  • Employment related issues
  • Personal financial planning, including inheritance tax strategies
  • Retirement and pension planning

Experienced Advisers

The manufacturing sector is plagued with uncertainty, and is often hostage to factors beyond its control such as fierce global competition, interest rates, currency values, employment levels, and educational training. Companies operating in such a business environment need experienced, professional advisers to help them steer a steady course.

With years of experience acting for clients in the manufacturing sector, we can help you:

  • Minimise risks from pricing and supply fluctuations
  • Optimise your stock control
  • Make important investment decisions
  • Arrange acquisitions, mergers, or disposals
  • Raise finance
  • Manage cashflow through interest rate exchange and rate fluctuations
  • Handle foreign currency transactions

And, of course, we can help with all your accounting, tax, and audit requirements. Whatever your business structure - sole trader or a limited company - we can help you manage your profitability through our specialised services.

Rules & Regulations

The property sphere has strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to. As your accountants we can help to make sure that you are fully compliant with all of these guidelines.

Our specific knowledge within this industry means that we are suitably placed to advise you in this area. So whether it’s accounting or bookkeeping services, or business support and advice, we can help.

Specialist Knowledge

As accountants to media clients, we understand that this is an area where professional advisors need specialist knowledge and understanding.

Our dedicated team has experience in assisting a variety of organisations and individuals in this arena including record and publishing companies, freelance journalists, marketing professionals, film and television companies and agents/management.

As well as providing general accounting and tax services, we can advise clients on new ventures by drawing upon our expert knowledge in this the sector. We can also assist with business planning and strategic reviews and can help you to plan to minimise the tax burden your business faces.

Helping you succeed

Our clients work in countless sectors and operate worldwide. If you’re a professional seeking an accountant then we’re ideally placed to help you achieve the best in your industry. As an individual or small business, your needs will be met by one of our enthusiastic team. No matter what sector, we can speak your language.

Complex Accounting & Reporting

There are many complex accounting and reporting requirements around social housing. Our specialist advisors can guide you through the maze, helping your organisation to save valuable time and resources.

Some of the areas where we can help you include:

  • Accounting and taxation services
  • Financial planning and management strategies
  • VAT
  • Payroll Giving
  • Audit and risk management
  • Business planning
  • Cashflow management and budget planning
  • Outsourcing
  • Fundraising

Traditional & Renewable

We have extensive experience of working with clients in the energy sector, and our knowledge extends to both traditional and renewable resources. With worldwide reach, the energy and utilities market is one of the most volatile and ever-changing financial landscapes, so why not let us take the pressure off?

With us you get:

  • Best practice advice
  • Advanced warning of major legislation changes
  • Audits
  • Forensic accounting
  • Tax strategies
  • International growth and business plans

Sound Financial Advice

The retail sector has always been one of the most competitive business environments to operate in, but with the rapid growth of direct marketing, telephone sales, Internet trading, and overseas competition (especially from mainland Europe), more than ever retailers need sound financial advice and the support of a team of professionals who can help them maintain their market share.

We have considerable experience acting for the retail sector, and understand clearly their special requirements - especially the need for real-time, proactive advice on how to maintain and improve their position.

We can help you maximise your profitability through improvements in your stock control, purchase re-ordering, and reconciliation procedures, and where appropriate advise on the installation of computerised systems.

Perhaps the biggest bane of a retailer's life is the stringent demands of the VAT regime. We can relieve you of a lot of unnecessary time and expense by advising on the most appropriate scheme, and handling your VAT planning and administration.

Whether you are a small shopkeeper or a High Street retailer, a mail order company or an Internet trader, our team of experienced professionals is here to help you achieve your business objectives.

Benefits of Specialist Services for Academies and Multi-Academy Trusts

Our experts keep themselves up to date with all the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s (ESFA) requirements so that they can keep their clients abreast of regulatory and other changes. We on a regular basis invite local academies to our seminars to cover off any new topical issues that affect academies. Our clients are our greatest asset. We thrive on their achievements and together we prosper and succeed. Fraser Russell only employs the greatest talents in our industry to create the ultimate working partnerships.

Helping to meet your challenges

We have extensive experience in the transport and logistics sector, helping our clients stay on top of their daily accounts and also staying up to date with the latest rules and regulations.

Fraser Russell can help ensure you are ready to meet the unique challenges of your industry, taking into account the local, national and world economy to provide you with the best advice. A firm understanding of your requirements means we will always be there to support you when you need it most.

Agency Or Individual

If you work in recruitment, either as an agency or an individual, we can handle your financial affairs and stay on top of your business. We can support:

  • General recruitment consultants
  • Temp agencies
  • Executive and head hunter agencies
  • Specialist sectors
  • International consultancies
  • Start ups

Keeping up with changes

The IT sector is fast changing and innovative and therefore IT specialists need an accountant that is able to keep up. We offer specialist accountancy and advice for IT professionals looking for help managing their finances as well as up to date, business information that considers every new opportunity that arises in the industry.

The help we can offer you includes:

  • Statutory annual accounts and auditing
  • VAT registration
  • Payroll
  • Business advice for start-ups and established businesses
  • Information on the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
  • Tailored tax advice
  • R&D Tax relief and The Patent Box

Understanding the demands

We have numerous clients who work in the food, drink and restaurant business.

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