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Forensic Accountant AccidentsBe looked after by specialists

Accidents needing a forensic accountant arise from personal injury, clinical negligence or wrongful death normally following road traffic accidents, operations or workplace incidents.

Our head of forensic services has specialised in the often complex calculations involved with loss of earnings claims for senior employees and the self-employed with potential past and future losses, loss of pension rights and other rights including share options. He takes a personal interest in all cases and represents both claimants and defendants.

We are thorough

Recent cases for claimants have included identifying trading losses that are not immediately evident from scrutiny of accounts where turnover effects can be delayed. They also involved subcontracting to cover for activities that could no longer be handled by the injured person. In other cases we have met personnel managers to ensure that the full range of financial impacts was understood and could be explained and quantified.

Recent cases for defendants have included ensuring that the evidence on loss of earnings by a company director was sufficiently detailed to support the claim before settlement was reached. We have also challenged loss assumptions that do not match the business model or likely promotion prospects of the claimant or try to indicate tax implications of claims.

Understanding relationships

From our knowledge of business, we have advised on the employment prospects of people who have had to give up their existing employment after an injury.

Fraser Russell can assist in such cases either by calculating the loss of profits in the case of self-employed individuals, or alternatively the loss of earnings, pension rights and other benefits for those individuals in employment (by contrasting the claimant's career path had the incident not occurred and with the incident.) As accountants to many businesses we understand the relationship between earnings and taxation.

Summary of our services:

  • Earnings losses for both employed and self-employed individuals
  • Pension and share option losses
  • Dependency calculations
  • CICA claims
  • Quantification of lost benefits
  • Assessment of mitigating income.

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