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Our forensic accountancy team that specialises in advising insured and uninsured claimants and insurers, is director lead by someone with insurance industry qualifications. The team assists loss adjusters, insured's, insurers and claimants in situations that require understanding of the insurance industry and/or insurance policies as part of assessing claims or preparing valuations.

Specialist knowledge

Our specialist knowledge of business interruption, financial losses (including loss of earnings) and of policy requirements means we are able to give independent expert advice not just on quantum but also on how the policy wording affects how the quantum is calculated and why. That knowledge can be of particular value in advising on possible grounds for claims of negligence.

David Black has extensive experience as an expert in situations when liability is disputed where he is able to bring his practical experience and understanding of the policy wording interpretations to augment his accountancy skills on the financial value of losses. He has been appointed by insurers who wish an independent opinion on losses as claimed and by claimants, both insured and uninsured, who are having problems with an insurance company as the defendant. He has appeared in mediations as an expert while being an accredited mediator personally and he has been in Court as an expert.

David Black had FCA (previously FSA) authorisation for supply of claims mediation services. This means that he is able to represent insured's in negotiations with their insurers on the settlement of insurance claims. He explains this as obtaining acceptance of liability and commencement of receipt of appropriate payments from insurers as fast as possible to assist client cash flow and then ensuring that the claim is progressed. Currently he specialises in disputed cases where litigation may be contemplated or in assisting loss adjusters or insurers with complex cases.

Giving the best advice

Fraser Russell advise claimants (insured's) and defendants (insurers) in disputes relating to insurance cover and quantum and we assist loss adjusters on business interruption aspects of insurance claims. Fraser Russell does not have service contracts with any insurers so is independent.

We can help with the following aspects:

  • As experts for claimant, defendant or as single joint expert
  • Insurance fraud cases
  • In professional negligence claims
  • Advisors on insurance policy cover implications in disputes
  • Claims where insurers wish to obtain additional assurance
  • Advising general and liability adjusters
  • Supply of mediation services.

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